Alice Nicholls is working on a new EP!

Anyone who has seen me at an open mic night will probably have seen Alice Nicholls there too. It’s no surprise that we are good mates and gigging buddies, so it should be of no shock that I’m a big fan of her music too! So i’m extremely excited about her latest project that you can find out about here.

This is lifted from Alice’s facebook page with permission.

“Gentlefolk of the Internet: The time has come for me to follow through on a plan I have been sitting on for about 8 months, and finally, finally, get back into the studio to lay down some of my new songs.

I’ve been eager to record my newer stuff for a while, but with the shit show that our world has turned into, I am angry about the state of things, and music and activism have always gone hand in hand for me. Therefore, this spring will see me recording KIND QUIET RIOTS, an EP of protest songs which I’ve been carefully unveiling at gigs since last year. To mark this, I will be touring around a few venues in Yorkshire (times and dates TBA) later this year.

I would like to do something productive with this, so if anyone can recommend venues around Yorkshire which have political leanings or would like some eclectic acoustic activism to grace their stage, let me know in the comments. A portion of the proceeds from the EP will also go to charity. 

It’s bleak everywhere at the moment, but we need to keep creating. I’m rather excited about doing this next project. 🙂 Watch this space! AN”

Suffice to say that as a fan of both her music, and political rants in song form. I’m super excited about this and you should be too! Follow Alice on Facebook for more info as it comes. #sharetheawesome

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