Future’s Past

Verse 1

Take everything you knew of life and throw it out the window
Watch the one’s they love to hate transform into a hero
The wishes of the needy now reality at last
These are the hopes of future’s past


Verse 2

It’s a sign of desperate times that we can’t go back and learn
While the wealthy and the privileged sit back and have their turn
Say we’re fighting with each other just to keep the eyes away
From the misery and suffering they’re reaping everyday
If you’ve opened up your eyes and you find yourself aghast
Let’s look for hope in future’s past


Verse 3

If you think we’ve had enough and it’s time we had a change
Want to see equality not seen as something strange
Then it’s time to make a difference nail your colours to the mast
It’s time to learn from future’s past


Verse 4

It’s not easy to be hopeful as the tories sit and laugh
At the downtrodden and desperate as we fight on their behalf
It may seem an uphill battle all around us may look bleak
But as power holds us down we have to stand up for the weak
So to make the world a better place we’ve got to change things fast
We’ve got to fight for future’s past



We can make the difference and we can make it last
So lets go fight for future’s past