Letter To My Teenage Self

Verse 1

Never take the easy road, life gets you down
You’ve been dragged through the dirt, and you’ve lost your crown
And when tomorrow comes, it brings despair
Another day of this, you cannot bear



Wheres the possibility, for your conscience to be free
All you want is just to smile, but you’re left to wait a while


Verse 2

Can’t face the agony, can’t bear the pain
Just try to work around, and fight the shame
You shut yourself away, fight on your own
Please try and understand, you’re not alone



You’ve been torn apart for years, and you’ve shed a flood of tears
Hide away just to defend, hope the suffering will end


Musical Interlude


Verse 3

At last the misery, comes to an end
You’ve found your happiness, it’s not pretend
You may still come across, bumps in the road
But you’ll bounce back again, your past has showed



Just be who you want to be, and see what you want to see
You have fought and lost and bled, but the road looks bright ahead