Quick Update

Hello again peeps! Things may appear to have been pretty quiet since the Taste Eatery gig but a combination of more hours in the day job and the small matter of moving house have kept things pretty hectic. Thankfully work is settling down for the time being and the move is done, so now I can reveal what’s in the pipeline.

1. More Gigs!

Taste Eatery was amazing and without doubt I want to gig more often. So I’m actively looking for places to play in Leeds and the greater West Yorkshire area. I haven’t been in contact with any venues yet but I intend to make a start within the next week or so once I’m properly settled in my new house. Announcements will be made here and on Facebook when they come around.


2. My first EP! (Title TBC)

I’m currently in the middle of researching some recording equipment in order to start the process of recording an EP! I’ll be bringing physical copies to gigs (I really need to work on promoting my stuff when I play, keep forgetting to mention my site & SoundCloud on stage!) and I’ll be uploading the EP to Bandcamp for you all.


1. World Keeps Spinning Round, 2. We’ll Stand, 3. Friend or FOE, 4. Signs.


3. My first album! (Tentatively titled: Better Late Than Never)

In between all of this I am looking into recording all of the songs I have written so far and making an album from them. This will take quite a lot longer to record and edit so don’t expect to see this one any time soon but once again, this will be available for purchase on Bandcamp.

So that’s it for now, exciting times ahead for sure! Keep an eye on this site for updates!


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