The Big Return and Updates!

N.B. This post was originally made on my Facebook page while the site was down. I’m now rehosting here as similar updates will be made on this site in future.

Ey up everyone! Time for that big update I promised you!

1. New music! – I’m working on new songs at the moment, and one of them is close to being finished. I’ll have a demo on SoundCloud in the next couple of days.

2. Gigs! – Nothing is booked in yet but I am available again, so if you are a venue owner in West Yorkshire looking for an acoustic musician, or you’re a local artist looking for a support act then feel free to drop me an email at 

3. Website! – Is offline at the moment because I need to set up the direct debit again. That’ll be done by next weekend and I’ll be doing a lot more with it once it’s back up.

4. Albums – This is the big one. Long story short, trying to do full albums was way too ambitious on my end so I’m going to be more sensible about how I sell my music. I don’t have the equipment to record properly at the moment but once I have it i’ll be hitting the reset button on Bandcamp. So if you were planning on picking up the Better Late Than Never album or either of The Solo EP’s I suggest doing that soon because they are not long for this world.

5. EP’s – That reset I mentioned will mean spreading the work I have so far over 3 EP’s rather than 2 albums. Means I can get new music out faster and makes it easier for you to pick the music you enjoy most for less money. Win/win I recon! So I have 3 EP’s in the pipeline.

I. Better Late Than Never (1. World Keeps Spinning Round, 2. Let it Show, 3. Signs, 4. When You Open Your Eyes, 5. The Game of Life, 6. Better Late Than Never)

II. Broken Word Poetry (1. Friend or FOE, 2. Path of Least Resistance, 3. Turn it Round, 4. Take Shelter, 5. Between Living and Existing, 6. Letter to My Teenage Self)

III. Rock and a Hard Place (1. Left Without Our Rights, 2. The Invisible Hand, 3. The Primrose Path, 4. Futures Past, 5. We’ll Stand, 6. Rock and a Hard Place)

Fret ye not, songs on the list that I have previously released will be re-recorded so you will have the definitive version, and the one person who bought my album (thanks again to AMereKat  ) will have a digital collectors item in potentia!

So that’s what you have to look forward to and I’m beyond excited to start playing music again. Keep your eyes peeled on here for future updates (oh, and apologies for the wall of text, longer posts like this will be going on the website in future). Thanks for sticking around and hope to see you at an open mic in Leeds very soon 

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