Welcome to the official website for the musical adventures of Graeme Brittles, part-time musician, part-time functioning human being! Currently active on the local music scene in Leeds.

Everything you need to know about my music is available on this site. Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out my friends and support your local musicians!



About Me


My story starts in mid-April 1989 back when my mum and my dad loved each other very much……

Nah just kidding. I was born in Liverpool and have been based in Leeds since 2010. Mostly self-taught guitar player, playing on and off since 2001 but having no thought of becoming a solo singer-songwriter until a mate gently* prodded me towards her open mic night at the old Libertine in 2015, and as they say the rest is history. You can currently find me on the Leeds gigging and open mic scene and on the odd occasion travelling across Yorkshire with my trusty sunburst Squire.

(* by gently I mean under duress of course)




“Graeme is a brilliantly talented individual with a knack for delivering political commentary through incisive and emotive songs” – Alice Nicholls


“Angrily incisive, heartfelt acoustic pop (think Billy Bragg with a Scouse accent..) for the masses. The oppressed masses.” – A Short Dark Stranger