Live at Santiagos!

Hey peeps! Long time since I updated this place but I’ve got a whopper of an update for you. I’ve released a recording of a live gig on my Bandcamp page as a Pay As You Feel deal. Plus there’s bonuses in this post that you might want to stick around for.

I’ve wanted to do a live recording for a while but since it’s been a while since I’ve done a full blown gig it’s been on the back burner. I ended up filling a slot for a mate who fell ill (it was Alice if that wasn’t immediately obvious with the amount of plugs she gets on here!) and decided to pull my finger out and document it.

Sadly the audio quality isnt the best. I recorded it on my phone and that so probably a case of delusion of grandeur on my part. So because of that I’m putting the recording up on a Pay As You Feel basis. If you wanna pay for it you can but no obligation and you’re welcome to download it for nowt. All the songs I played are from my upcoming Broken Word Poetry EP.

Also, I played a cover song that night but Bandcamp T&C’s means I cant upload it there. So it’s going up on my SoundCloud page so you can have access to the complete set. Hope you enjoy and keep an eye on the site for more release updates on the EP’s coming soon.

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