Recording update!

I’ve been waiting sooooooo long to make this announcement!

Hey peeps! I’ve been waiting so long to make this announcement so you can imagine how excited I am to be able to do it now. Here we go…….

On January 2nd I start work on recording! I promised an update to my bandcamp to bring you definitive versions of my music and that work starts in a couple of weeks. I’ll be tracking guitars and vocals on my own but I also have a couple of mates who’ve said they want to be involved in the process too so there may well be some more instrumentation to track too!

So the plan is, I’ll be recording and releasing 2 EP’s, Better Late than Never & Broken Word Poetry. There will be 6 tracks on each EP and the track list is as follows;


Better Late Than Never: 1. World Keeps Spinning Round, 2. Let it Show, 3. Signs, 4. When You Open Your Eyes, 5. Friend or FOE, 6. Better Late Than Never.

Broken Word Poetry: 1. The Invisible Hand, 2. Turn It Round, 3. Take Shelter, 4. Path Of Least Resistance, 5. Rock & A Hard Place, 6. We’ll Stand.


I can’t give an estimate for how long this will take at the moment because I’ll be doing this in my spare time alongside my day job (which at the minute consists of looking for a day job) and availability of guests so keep an eye on this site and my facebook page for updates. Seriously excited to get started and bring you all a way to get the best of my work so far. Have a great holiday period everyone!


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