The Cover Challenge

So now my first show of 2017 is under my belt, I can give you details of a challenge I am undertaking as my new years resolution for this year. One that will hopefully broaden my musical horizons and inspire/challenge me to be more creative.

Anyone who’s seen me live more than twice will more than likely have heard me play the same cover song as part of my set (usually “I Wont Back Down” by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers or a Billy Bragg song), and while I do love those songs and find them very enjoyable to play live, the fact remains that it gets boring playing the same song over and over again.

So my challenge for this year is that I am not allowed to play any cover more than once. Regardless of venue, regardless of set length, regardless of audience size. I kicked the challenge off on Monday night by playing Frank Turner’s “The Ballad of Me & My Friends” and I will be keeping a running list of all the cover songs I play this year, which you can find below. Wish me luck!


Cover Challenge 2017!

  1. Frank Turner – The Ballad of Me & My Friends


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